How your home can help you survive the warm weather without the need for aircon


We all love a bit of warm weather, especially being abroad where we can return to a lovely cool, airconditioned room.

But when at home, working and looking after our homes and children…it is a vey different story.

July saw the hottest ever day recorded in that month, so many of us went out and panic-bought multiple fans in a bid to not melt during the night.

What other helpful solutions are out there to help us get through the next British heat wave?

Here are some useful tips  


Windows – open or shut?

At the slightest sniff of warmth, our first reaction is to get home and open all the windows. This can be the most counterproductive method to cool down your home. Instead, keep your windows and blinds closed to keep out the heat and once it has cooled down at night, open your windows then.

If you do need to open a window, open another one at the opposite side of the house to create a wind tunnel, you should then experience a nice breeze.


Wall, roof and floor insultation works both ways, it is good at trapping the heat but also good at keeping the heat out. Better Homes Yorkshire do offer an insulation service, click here for more information.

Having your home insulated ensures you get the best of both worlds.


There are mixed reviews as to whether leaving bowls of water around the house actually works. It’s certainly worth a try. The water can help cool down the hot air and having trees and plants around the house act as natural air conditioners and will pump moisture into the atmosphere.

Turn off appliances

We are all guilty of leaving appliances switched on standby. Heat can be generated from appliances around the house. Switch them off to avoid heat gains. Make sure the back of fridges and freezers have enough room behind them as they can pump a lot of unwanted heat into a room.

Buy a fan

If you haven’t got a fan, buy one! A top tip, heat rises so the coolest air in your house is on the floor, so place your fan on the floor and point it upward.    

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